Hiya ... whoever you may be,

I'm sharing this link to my brother-in-law's GoFundMe page because his farmhouse burned to the ground.

Lots and lots and lots of people talk about "buying local", "supporting small business" and "helping the farmers". Maybe you're one of them.

Brian Kingsbury is the only living person I know who actually farms for a living. He's a real, dirty fingernails, "duct-tape the f'in tractor" type Alaskan farmer. Just look at the photos below if you don't believe me.

Brian didn't want anyone to do a fundraiser for him. He normally just overcomes the adversities of a farming life by himself.

We did a fundraiser anyway.

So if you'd like to help an honest, hard-working, absolutely real farmer get back on his farming feet, donations of any amount to help Brian rebuild his farmlife at Birch Creek Ranch in Taleektna, Alaska will be used in a way you'd be ecstatically proud to support.